Winding through beautiful Ponderosa pines, Aspen trees and northern Arizona terrain, the trails of Flagstaff are the ideal location for your biking adventure. Clean mountain air and stunning peak views will contribute to an adventure that exceeds the typical biking experience. The wide variety of trails range in level of difficulty and offer an opportunity to riders of all skill and fitness levels. Whether looking for an easygoing family activity or a challenging mountain ride, Flagstaff’s bicycle friendly environment will surely surpass all of your expectations.


  • There are 1.62 bicycles per household in Flagstaff. That is almost twice the national average.
  • The City boasts 117 miles of bike lanes which represents 58% of major streets.
  • 5.2% of work commute trips are made by bicycle, compared to the national average of 0.6%.
  • Flagstaff has more than 400 bike parking locations for nearly 3,000 bicycles.

Flagstaff offers many challenging and enjoyable trails to choose from. Those interested in a guided tour should consider the Arizona Nordic Village for their Alpine Bike Tours, which occur every Saturday and Sunday in the summer and fall. However, there are plenty of other options for those anticipating an adventure of their own.

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